Sometimes you may find our application freezes midway through an upload then without any charm tells you "Unfortunately Watch Me Think has stopped working."

The good news is you can simply restart it (tap on it again) and any videos that were half way through uploading will still be there, and will continue to upload.

Slow uploading

Yeah... some of us here at WMT also have this issue at times.

Unfortunately this will be down to how big or long your video is and how fast your connection is to the internet.

The beautiful thing is, the app will simply keep chugging away in the background. So you can, if you want, simply leave your phone on overnight and eventually it should get it up for you.

(It may also help if you close down any other apps on your phone just while the video is uploading.)

Still having issues?

You can try getting your video to us by uploading it through this page: