There's a maximum upload size of 1GB.

It's for your own benefit really, because the bigger the file - in terms of megabytes - the longer it will take to upload, the greater the chance the upload could break, and the harder it will be for you to manipulate (edit) once it is in on the Platform. 

Obvious we know, just putting it out there.

Got a big file you want to make smaller?

Several options open to you:


  • Open up an account with Vimeo, and push it through there. This is our recommendation. Once uploaded, it will create a few versions for you. Choose one of the "Standard Definition" formats that it produced and download: you'll have a nicely slimmed down version of your monster file (9 times out of 10).
  • Or use our Vimeo account by uploading here. We'll then re-upload it to SearchEditShare platform for you. At your service...  


  • Handbrake is what we've used in the past. It's free and quite advanced, but can do the job nicely if you read the instructions :-)
  • There's also Free Video Compressor - which may be much easier to use. Can't vouch for it, but sounds good.