A Brief is when a client aska for specific feedback on a product or service

Examples of some typical Briefs are:

“We want to see you talk about why you love XXX products, on what occasions you consume them, who in your household eats them, and why you buy them instead of other products.”

“We want to understand about you and keeping hydrated. What it means to you. What beverages help hydrate you the best and if there are different occasions you buy different drinks to help with hydration. ”

“We have sent you a sample of the new packaging used by XXXX. We'd love to see what you think of it, how you open it and where you would store it in your kitchen.”

And it works like this

  • First off: we'll usually first send you an email asking you to fill in a short survey. This will allow us to see if you fit the description of the type of person the Client wants to hear from.
    (There is no opting out of these emails if you sign up unfortunately. It's how the system and the business works.)

  • If you fit that description given the answer you give, we'll send you a second email inviting you take part in the Brief.

  • (You may also get a 3rd email letting you know when the brief is ready for your response/s.)

  • Briefs can pay significant amounts of cash. Usually not less than $50/£30, and as much as $220/£150. It depends on how many "hoops" the brief is going to make you jump through :-)

  • Each brief will usually give you a date by when the cash will be paid into your PayPal account -  if you have followed the brief and uploaded your video in time.