To use the app you first have to sign up the website in order to register your email address and password. Once you're in ...

Briefs tab

On this you can tap on any Brief that you can see to see what is required and submit a video that answers it.

Or, at the top, you can upload a Free Think

Recordings tab

This is where you can see the status of any videos that you have taken and which are currently uploading to Watch Me Think.

If you have a long video and it is taking a while to upload, and you only wish to upload via WiFi signal, it is safe to break the connection - for example, to go out shopping or walk the dog with your phone. When you return to your WiFi signal, your video will continue uploading from where it left off.

You can upload multiple videos at one time. They will form an orderly queue in here and will each sequentially upload after the one before it finishes. But generally it is best to upload them one at a time.

Settings tab

Video quality

You can choose the quality (of picture) to record your video in. 

By default this is set to Medium. If you set it to Low, your videos will be more grainy, but easier to upload (as they will smaller in size). If you choose High, the videos you record with the app will be larger in size. 

Caution: Low resolution videos may get rejected by the Thinker Manager if they are of too poor quality and you are answering one of their briefs. If in doubt, have a chat with them first.

Use data connection for upload 

Only have this ticked if you are on an unlimited or large data connection tariff with your mobile phone service provider.  Unticked means your videos will only be uploaded when your phone has a a WiFi signal.


Does exactly what it says :-)