Bonuses are cash awards that get paid when:

  1. You correctly answer a Brief that has been created for one of our clients
    (And by "correctly" that simply means following the instructions in the brief and uploading your response/s in time.)

  2. One of your videos gets us some new business

  3. A friend you referred to us answers a paid brief

  4. We just want to say thanks for being there and helping us out - we do this a fair bit :-)

Bonuses for Briefs

We give out the most money overall for Thinkers who help us with briefs - close to a million dollars already. 

There are 2 ways to stand a better chance of getting invited to do multiple Briefs:

  1. Make sure you've filled in your Personal Details in your profile (you'll need to log in). Why? Because we use these details to pre-select Thinkers to invite based on the profile required by a client.

  2. Our colleagues who run these Briefs are called Thinker Managers and they love folks who make their lives easier.
    So if you're willing to put the effort in and not let them down, then these Thinker Managers are so much more likely to keep inviting you to future briefs.

Extra Bonuses

Large bonus payments - and we're talking a couple of 100 bucks, pounds, dollars, euros etc, are additionally awarded for videos that get us new business.

Admittedly, they are not handed out as often as our payments for the responses to briefs. But they do happen.

We often also pay out bonuses if you help us find people to fit certain briefs.

Bonuses as thanks for getting your friends to help out

When you recommend a friend to us, and they sign up, we will pay you a bonus once they have completed their first paid Brief.

You can add your friends here (you need to log in).

Bonuses, just because we can

These are our own personal favourite types of bonus :-) 

  • We've handed them out when people tell us where we have legitimately stuffed up. And because we learn from these mistakes, as our hands go up in admitting fault, they also go into our pockets.
  • We've handed out random bonuses because we've seen someone put in a little bit of extra effort in fulfilling a brief. 
  • Or because we needed to ask someone to redo a video. Or follow up on a video.  Or because they've been so loyal to us.

Bonus Info on Bonuses

  • Briefs will usually have a date on them which says by when you will get paid.
  • The huge bonuses for those fantastic new-business winning videos are paid as soon as the new contract is signed. 
  • We use PayPal to make our payments to you. This means you will need a PayPal account before we can send you any money (it's easy to sign up for a personal account). 
  • When you refer a friend to us we do not email them or contact them in any way. It's up to you to convince them to sign up. This is because we do not want spam these good mates of yours.