Points are our way of trying to make sure everyone can earn a bit of cash with Watch Me Think

  • Points are given when you upload a video
  • When your video gets published to our private site
  • When our clients REALLY like your video/s

Your points determine your share of our profits at the end of each quarter

Points that you earn add up over each 3 month period in the year. 

And during that time we keep adding a share of our profits to the cash Pot. 

 At the end of every 3 months, we share that Pot with all our contributing Thinkers. 

 You can see The Pot, and how much is in it, when you log in to your Thinker account.

More points = more cash

The amount of cash you get as your share of the Pot depends on what each point is worth at the time. The value of each point is worked out by

The Pot ÷ Total number of Points Earned by All Thinkers

So for example, if there is a 1,000 bucks in the Pot. And 100 Thinkers have each earned 10 points. Then...

1,000 ÷ (100 x 10) = Each point is worth 1 buck

When you log in to your Thinker account, you can see how much is in the Pot on that day, and when the next pay-day is due.

The amount you earn can go up :-)

Because as the months pass we will hopefully earn more profits. So we will put more money in The Pot. 

This means your share in the Pot can go up, even if you do nothing else till pay-out day. But...

The amount you earn can go down :-(

That's if you do nothing else in that quarter. 

Because additional points will be earned by other Thinkers who are continuing to upload videos. So their activity means they earn more points. And the more points there are in total, the less each point may subsequently be worth.

At any time you can see what you could earn from a pay-out of The Pot if nothing else was to change - i.e. total points earned by all Thinkers stay as they are, and no more profits added to The Pot - by going to your Money & Points page when you are logged in.

What actions earn how many points?

Ahhhh - yup - we have to be honest and up-front with you here: it's a moving goal post. 

The amount of points you can earn varies between different actions, over time, as we juggle varying demand and needs. But you will earn points when you upload a video in response to a brief and

  • It gets accepted 
  • You make us at Watch Me Think say “AHA!”
  • It gets star rated

Urgent briefs will also probably offer more points than less urgent briefs.